How We Work

Based on each brand's needs and values, we assemble an elite team that addresses its natural audience. Along with top notch creative solutions, we deliver campaigns that can change worlds and make cashiers sing.
A special technologic tool we developed scans almost 2 million users a day, analyzing their activity patterns, rating them by number of friends, comments, likes and interactions, and dividing them by segments and interests: food, fashion, art, music, family, lifestyle, fitness and sports.
Our tool discovers the strongest users around, unveiling some of them before they become celebrities.


Our trend setting leaders and celebs reach millions of users, with direct and accurate audience segmentation. And most importantly – the brand is presented as authentic and relevant content and not as part of another worn out commercial.


People have learned to ignore ads. Leaders advertising doesn't abrupt the browsing flow, but instead is assimilated organically in the user's feed, coming from those he values and trusts the most – his friends and icons.


A famous model leading a campaign is nice and expensive. We, however, feature dozens and hundreds of trend setters who lead the campaign, casting endless sex appeal on the feed.


The social networks platforms' technology allows direct and precise targeting relevant for the brand, as well as meticulous campaign statistics and results.

What are you looking for?

A Sting Operation

Have a launch campaign planned, a new message or that needs to be delivered, or any other specific need on hand?
We're here to perform a one time, focused and surgical campaign that will shake up the web.

Serious Relationship

The net is bustling 24/7, 365 days a year.
You want your brand to be there, be part of the conversation and leave a permanent and lasting mark?
You want your brand to be there, be part of the conversation and leave a permanent and lasting mark?
A constant presence in the digital feed will keep your brand in awareness.
The way consumers look for information online and make decisions about brands in the digital arena was coined Zero Moment of Truth by Google. A long lasting relationship with our leaders will make sure you'll always be there – at the moment of truth, and sometimes even before it.

Our Methods

Brand Ambassadors

With the blink of an image, text or video, that go through a creative and individual filter, our leaders become nonchalant spokesmen of your brand, and bring its spirit to their friends and followers feed.

Marketing Strategies

As experts of influencer marketing, we help brands translate their marketing strategy to the crucial web arena.

Off Line, Baby!

Interested in an event that will create media buzz and provide unique photo ops?
Our creative squad is waiting for your brief.

Round Table

Need a quick and accurate feedback from your brand's actual or desired clients?
We're here to compile and manage a round table and provide authentic feedback on any question that's keeping you up at night.